Interesting Failures

  • Ants on Plaid – My attempt at creating a simple game with an intriguing art style. It’s ended up being too simple. (with download)
  • Passing Blame – 4 player game created at the STL Game Jam. It’s fun, but too frantic. The strategy and design are too abstract for a pick-up-and-play game. (with download)
  • Exquisite Knorpse: From Saltwater Breach – A level was passed around between several people including myself and everyone worked on different parts with no knowledge of what the rest of the level consisted of. I feel that I made my section too difficult and that the nature of the project resulted in inconsistent design. (with download)
  • superwes.com circa 2002-2009 – The journal is worthwhile, but I didn’t update it often enough.